Widget Update: 27/05/10

Eingestellt am 27 Mai 2010, 09:01

Widget Update: 27/05/10

Dear Believers and Artists,

A few months ago Clearspring, the platform we used to distribute our funding widget, announced that it would stop offering its services per 1st of January 2011. To be prepared for that and to provide you with an updated version, we have moved it over to another platform.

Unfortunately it was not possible to make sure that all the current installations would keep working without eventual problems due to the switch. So for all of you that have placed a widget on MySpace , Facebook or another platform, please update the embed codes. You can get the new embed code via the 'Get widget' box on every artists' widget page.

If you bump into any trouble using the new widget, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

All the best,
The Development Team



A Little Faith

This really is a new SellaBand, planning ahead and communicating about it and asking for feedback. Hurray and a good sign!



Good to see Team Sellaband busy...

I just noticed that the forum pagination is still a bit buggy: When you edit the 24th posting, a wrong (and empty) Page 2 is displayed after the update.

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