Website Status Update

Eingestellt am 25 Juli 2009, 16:14

Website Status Update

Dear Artists and Believers,

We think that it is time to give you a status update on the developments of the new website. We have had a lot of questions about the current state of the site and where we are going with it.

First of all, we want to give a rationale for putting this website online. The previous site was an amalgamation of two different systems that were very difficult to develop and maintain. A new and more flexible website was needed, which would also accomodate the local websites that we want to launch. Unfortunately due to a lack of time and capacity, the new site was launched before being up to standard. However, due to changes in the database, requirements of the local sites, and other fundamental changes, rolling back to the old system is not an option.

At this point, our goal is to deal with all bugs and bring back, all the functions of the old website. Some functions will take a little longer, as we are looking to improve them instead of simply rebuilding them on a 1-on-1 basis. Furthermore, we will be working on improving the overall usability of the website, improve security and add more backoffice functionality.

To check current status of the bugs we invite you to the 'unofficial bugtracker' (username: guest, password: guest). It was created by two of our Believers, Kim 'Cyberion' Groenbek and Adrian 'Intimidate' Moerchen. We have incorporated this into our internal bug tracker and we think that it is an excellent way to publicly track the progress of the website development.

So when can you expect improvements? Smaller bug fixes and implementations are happening all the time with an update for larger bug fixes and features planned to happen every other week, the next one will be next thursday. Some downtime may be experienced on that day.

The functionalities you may expect soon are:

  1. A rich text editor for the profile information and other text fields.
  2. The inbox/messaging functionalities to work properly
  3. Commenting with artist profile
  4. Blogs and Bulletins: We will merge the data of the old blogs and the bulletins as well as their functionality into new blog items.

Finally, we want to give a big apology for the state of the current website. Please know that we are working very hard to get the site working properly and we really do appreciate all your support.

Kind Regards,
The SellaBand Team



Utterly B Groovy

Thanks for the update ...
As you can see, there are some more unhappy than others, but to be fair, many of them were already unhappy before the site changed!
I look forward to seeing the incremental improvements that will gradually make the site 'useable' again ...




If this were your first impression of Sellaband, what would you think??

On the first impression, I would think the people who are responsible for this website are not very professional.



Can someone PLEASE help us fix our photos and our Info section on the Lunic artist page? It really looks bad! We came out with an EPK (video) on July 1st that directs our fans to come check out Sellaband, and look what they see:
If this were your first impression of Sellaband, what would you think??
Can someone (anyone) please take a minute of your time to edit our artist page? We are a 50K band who have been plugging Sellaband to 5 different US radio stations who have been playing our songs on a regular basis since May. We have an interview with Good Morning America this week focusing on Sellaband. I'm sorry to sound a bit impatient, but it's hard for me to understand why you can't at least make sure the 50K artist pages look somewhat decent? Please help!!


* Jurjen *

Thank you for the update.


Walter M.

I can't understand why a company would post these words if they would take their job seriously.

@Thor: I completely agree with words you wrote in the forum:

"Shop or not, but SAB is keeping on violating their own T&Cs while they are not offering sales on the website and a free download:

3.6 The Net Revenues generated by Exploitation of the Recordings, Demos
excluded, will be shared equally between Artists and all the Believers involved. [...] This rule applies to direct sales through the website and third parties.

3.8 SellaBand will make available a minimum of one Track of the Artist as free download on the website

-> Where is the possibility for direct sales?
-> Where is the free download?

And one more, if they don't manage a revenue payout this month:

3.10 Remunerations due to the Believer on the basis of this paragraph are credited to Believers Balance on SellaBand every 3 (three) months, in the first month following the end of the calendar quarter. An overview of all revenues is available on the Believer Overview page. Payment will be done in USD.

(II. calendar quarter ended in June)

Not that they ever cared much about their own T&C: The artist deadline for delivering the album was often exceeded. The compliance with the forum rules seems to be more important for them, with removing posts they were always kind of quick.

But somehow, they are walking on thin ice. Seems like there's no lawyer amongst the believers ;-) "



Though I'm still missing the reason about why the website had to be launched in this state, it's good to read the description not up to standard!

It describes the website much better than the previously used word improved. Though the words beyond a joke would fit even better.

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