Congrats! Ophelia Syndrome reached their funding target!

Eingestellt am 06 Februar 2012, 12:43

Congrats! Ophelia Syndrome reached their funding target!

We are happy to announce that Ophelia Syndrome, after already having successfully raised funds for their debut album in 2009, have once again reached their funding target for the promotion of their album!

This is their official statement from their homepage.

Thank-you to everyone who has believed in us on Sellaband!! Thank-you you all so, so much for helping us to reach our goals to help promote our album  To every person who supported this project in big ways and small (sending an encouraging message from time to time), please know that your kindness and support has not gone unnoticed!! We as a band are so grateful every single day for all of you who we have met on Sellaband, from all the believers to the artists, and every one in between. Your support, and friendship has really brought us through some tough times, and also it has made us focus on every single thing we do, and make sure we are giving it the best that we possibly can!

Thank-you so much, you all mean more to us then you can possibly know <3





Fantastic news!! Congratulations!!

Your album was waiting when I arrived at home... I love it. It is beautiful. I will listen to it many times!







Congratulations!!! Didn't know you have already reached the target! So happy for you!

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