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Der Plan

Public Enemy announces the restructuring of its fan funded offering to the SellaBand Community.

In our six months on SellaBand, we are proud to have broken ground into a new paradigm of music financing and to have learned so much about the fan funding model with our fans. Even through much uncertainty, the commitment and allegiance of our fans has been inspiring. Fundamentally, true Public Enemy fans always know, respect and understand that it is our true nature to go where the path is least defined and where the risk averse will never tread. This is our history and will always be our legacy as pioneers in the music business and we are unapologetic for our unyielding advocacy for models that promote artist control and self sufficiency.

We now firmly believe that it is time to rethink and restructure our fund raising efforts here, as well as our goals and pursuits.

We have learned that the fan funding model is still not fully developed and, as a result, a $250,000 fund raising effort, while possible, will take too long to accomplish.

Public Enemy is ready and inspired to record a new album for our fans and the greater world music community and we are not willing to wait much longer to get into the studio.

We also have reached the conclusion that we will no longer include expenses for sales and marketing in our fund raising budget and goals.

As a result of our SellaBand experience and all that we have learned, we now believe that a $75,000 fund raising target will fulfill the needs for a new recording project and is much more appropriate for the strength of the existing SellaBand model and the current economic climate.

Today, we are announcing that we are now offering a total 3,000 parts for Believers at a value of $25.00 each to raise a total of $75,000. The $75,000 will be used to fund the complete recording costs and expenses for our next album. As of April 10th, we have already sold 2,225 parts. As a result, we only need to sell 775 additional parts to reach our new goal.

Public Enemy’s incentive plan for Believers will continue to be respected and offered to new investors as detailed below.

As always, stay tuned to this Public Enemy profile page for more updates as recording plans develop. In addition, make sure you follow Public Enemy at , find us at and join our fan pages at and




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Physisches Album


Eine CD je Believer, sofern nicht anders in den Incentive-Leistungen angegeben.

Revenue Share


Max 33% Revenue Share

Für 1 Part (€19.70)


"Believer" Level = 1 Part ($25) Incentive: Exclusive, numbered CD in Digipak

Für 4 Parts (€78.80)


"Hype" Level - 4 Parts ($100) Incentive: Exclusive, numbered CD Digipak, opportunity to buy 2nd CD at 50% off, & Name in booklet

Für 10 Parts (€197.00)


"Rebel" Level - 10 Parts ($250) Incentive: All of Above plus Exclusive Limited Edition Public Enemy T Shirt

Für 20 Parts (€394.00)


"Posse" Level - 20 Parts ($500) Incentive: All of Above plus Autographed Copy of CD signed by Chuck D

Für 40 Parts (€788.00)


"Terrordome" Level [Limited to 50 investors] - 40 Parts ($1,000) Incentive: All of Above plus Unlimited use backstage pass for 3 years

Für 200 Parts (€3,940.00)


"Bring The Noise" Level [Limited to 15 Investors] - 200 Parts ($5,000) Incentive: All of Above plus Executive Producer Credit on Album

Für 400 Parts (€7,880.00)


"PE Number One" Level [Limited to 5 Investors] - 400 Parts ($10,000) Incentive: All of Above plus Studio Visit during recording session