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Ronald!!! We reached 1K this weekend! Thank you so much for becoming a believer and helping me get to this 1st exciting milestone. To an fantastic journey ahead!



Aryn Michelle_LAST ONE...

Hi Ronald,
Thank you so much for becoming a believer! I am thrilled to have your support :) I would love to send you a thank you mp3 if you want to PM me your email address, just let me know which track you'd like.
Thanks again!!



P.S. For the baby in the picture... maybe you'd like to play "Magic" at bedtime?? :)



Hello Ronald!

I am not sure if you have heard my newer songs. Welcome and if you like them, perhaps you'd like to join the group of my believers on this special day, one day after 8 K?

I hope you'll stop by!


Cat =^^=


Cecile Morel

Hoi Ronald,

Op zondag 18 oktober om 15.00 uur zal de documentaire over mij:'Going Places' vertoont worden tijdens het PopDox Filmfestival in Den Haag. Een leuke gelegenheid om elkaar eens te ontmoeten!

De docu is gemaakt door Tamara Andriessen en zal vertoont worden in het Nutshuis aan de Riviervismarkt. Dit is ter gelegenheid van de Haagse Popweek.

Laat van tevoren even weten of je wilt komen zodat ik je op de gastenlijst kan zetten. Maar wees er als de kippen bij want vol is vol!

Zie ik je dan?




Double A

Hi there!

I'm Aaron and I have some fantastic songs for you to check out!

I'm a Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist in New Zealand and new to Sellaband.
I hope you'll enjoy them.

Warm regards



Support can have many faces...
I am here to connect with you !
I am here to get your support !
I am here to give you music and art !

Listen to my music and watch my videos, watch my pictures...
When you find the entry to my world, give me your support !
I need now some support !

You can add me as friend on Myspace and Youtube.
Here you can visit me on Myspace:
Here you find my videos on Youtube:

You can push the I`M A FAN button on Sellaband

You can tell some friends to support me or to give my music/ arts a try

You can buy a part in my music on Sellaband...Every single person counts for me...i want to reach many people deep inside

You can write me your thoughts

Give my music a review

All this is very welcome and i thank you for that...


Jessica G

Just recorded a scratchy bluesy-style track: just me and a nylon string guitar. Please take a listen and I hope you enjoy!!
-Jessica G


Marta Milan


i would like to invite you to my page! thank you for your time. have a nice day!
Marta :)
what a beautiful picture!!!!


Aly Cook

that is such a cute baby shot .. Hey thank you so much for your support of my recording project .. if your on Facebook please join me My Facebook Page

I want to stay in Touch with my believers and let them know whats happening with my music :)

Thank you ..



Hey Ronald!!
Bedankt voor de nieuwe part!! Yesss....
Heel erg fijn :-)
Dankjewel xxxx


NRG Rising

Hi there Ronald and Kia ora ... love the pic.... I am a nanny for the first time, and my grandchild is just 5 days old it is lovely to have a baby in the house!
I am Sistah B (Benita) and we are NRG RISING reggae rocking the female sound and flow with some upbeat uplifting songs, please check us out, we know you will be pleasantly surprised!
Thanks and greetings from Aotearoa, New Zealand
Sistah B


Aly Cook

Hi I'm Aly from New Zealand. Im an established independent artist with single releases which have been aired in NZ and Australia. Nominee for APRA NZ Country Song of he Year. Im working toward a debut album and hope to acheive this via sella band. Please come LISTEN Thank you!! Please also vote for me in the SEAT competition every day!! Go to The Volkswagon Seat Competition site and scroll to my song, click on "stem" and give me five stars!! Thank you!!
PS.. cute baby :)



We would like to invite You to our profile! Maybe You will enjoy Our music, I hope:) WE come from Poland and we are making first steps on the sellaband but we have alreday some parts and believers and we are on the 1 place in Hot New Acts!! warm regards, Dorota Morawska from D.E.M.


Lorraine Jones

Ronald - you are just too cute to be true!! Delighted to meet you and thanks from the bottom of my heart for believing - Thank you - thank you!!