Congratulations - Public Enemy!

Posted on October 28, 2010 15:29

Congratulations - Public Enemy! Congratulations – Public Enemy have just successfully reached their funding goal!
Joining forces with SellaBand, Chuck D and Flavor Flav of Public Enemy officially turned their backs on the traditional music industry to give all power to the fans. And today proved them right to believe in our community.
October, 28th, at 04:11 p.m. (CEST), the last one of an incredible 1.178 believers bought the final parts in Public Enemy’s new album project. Seems like our Hip Hop icons again will have to clear space for yet another award on their chimney piece. 75.000 $ funded through fans? Yeeah bwooy, congratulations, that’s the highest funding amount ever raised via SellaBand.
We joined SellaBand to make a different type of record, one that we wouldn’t necessarily do on our own. We’re incorporating more collaborations that we normally do, which required a bigger budget and our SellaBand believers have shown us the support we need to make this special album for them. And we hope that this inspires other artists, those who have more or fewer believers, around the world”, says an overwhelmed Chuck D. Time to party like a rockstar…

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Mathias Neuhaus

Hope to see you in Essen :-)



Congrats, PE!



... incredible indeed. Congrats.



@all believers in the pubic eenemy fundraising: we want to apalogize for the multiple emails you recieved from the system about public enemy reaching their target.
@adrian: public enemy had quite a big marketing outcome about their tour in the recent weeks where also their project was communicated.


Adrian - @scrobbleme

Congratulations, but just to remember: The original goal was 200000$, just imaginary. Also PE was not fast reaching the goal. I really don't know how it was possible to get it now.



Congratulations, PE! Bring the noise!!

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